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All about Me

Hello there and welcome. I am so glad you have found my website. My name is Jasmin and i am 35 years old. I live in Dallas and i love every second of my 100mph lifestyle. By day i work in a bank and by night i am on my webcam and not a man anymore! Yes you guessed it i am a crossdresser. I have dressed us a woman now for about 4 years and i have to admit i am hooked!

I was never sure about coming out about myself and to be fair i still have not. But i have the freedom to be who i want to be when i am at home alone or when i log on into my live chat rooms online.

I am single and always looking to chat to other like minded people who just love to dress and feel like a woman so do send me a skype if you want to chat!


You really have to chat to me to believe how fantastic i can be and how i can make all of your special little dreams come true right now. Just come say hello and leave the rest to me. I have a very tender touch and a unique way of chatting that no other uses i am a latina tranny cams lady who loves nothing more than hanging out with you. To learn more then check out our page at crossdresser chats

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